From Every Line

From every line there peers out at me
a force that wants to see me win

Force cheers wildly in the wings
makes supper and presses my clothes

Force drives me toward committed pages
“Good line, nice metaphor,” Force insists.

Steadfast presence burns urgently,
wills me there once more

“Please, please me,” says Force
And pen meets paper again..

From Every Line is from the book SPARE

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Buddhist Riddle

What is this
             is that
What is not this
             is not that

No, no
Not this
not that
Just this
and that

That this
this that
Yes to this
             and yes to that
This, that
not this, not that

It spins and spins
             into this
             or is it that?

Buddhist Riddle is from the book SPARE

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Fluent in Love

If it were as easy
As adding an accent
Or a lilt to a vowel
I would be fluent in love

If a lifetime of rolling love around my tongue
Shifting the armature of my lips
Could create relationships
I would have a new roof over my mouth
My soft palette would feel calm
Speech would become incidental
As you properly put me to bed

If fluency in love could easily be had
Studious observation would not confuse me
When language eludes me
So now I bow my head and ask for help
From those who have gone, now above
Angels who lived fluidly, achieved and prospered
A divination of love
Like water
Under a wishbone

May we speak and love fluently
Like those who learn French from birth
Happily gurgling from their prams
Cooing songs
Sung with harps

And now I sigh a deep breath
And picture you in my mind
Instructing me to smile
Holding my hand

Fluent in Love is from the book Death & Passion

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Poems Are Like Dreams

Poems are like dreams
Sometimes writing themselves
You think you can remember
When laziness lulls
Your brain into believing
Memory will linger
Until another day
But like a dream at dawn
Startled awake
Words fly
Into the stratosphere
Like a carrier pigeon
Walking on the ground

Poems Are Like Dreams is from the book LEAVES

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Three Women Gather

Three women gather
To track their North Stars
Three women gather
To see how far
Brilliant nets can be
Cast into the sea

Three women gather
As the sun begins to fade
Enter into a room
That feels like old pewter
Painted like a pumpkin-colored cape

Three women gather
To measure their fate
To collectively open the gate
To things that matter
A poem, a painting, collage
A political problem
A wrinkle or a love

Three women gather
To lift the other
Up into the heavens
Of their capacity
In the dawn of the night
Sharing fright
With the delicacy of a dragonfly

Three women gather
To gaze into reflections
Mirrored in each others’ eyes
To solidify the journey
Toward a single star
In the waning skylight
Of this particular day

Three Women Gather is from the book LEAVES

Tags: Poems