Fluent in Love

If it were as easy
As adding an accent
Or a lilt to a vowel
I would be fluent in love

If a lifetime of rolling love around my tongue
Shifting the armature of my lips
Could create relationships
I would have a new roof over my mouth
My soft palette would feel calm
Speech would become incidental
As you properly put me to bed

If fluency in love could easily be had
Studious observation would not confuse me
When language eludes me
So now I bow my head and ask for help
From those who have gone, now above
Angels who lived fluidly, achieved and prospered
A divination of love
Like water
Under a wishbone

May we speak and love fluently
Like those who learn French from birth
Happily gurgling from their prams
Cooing songs
Sung with harps

And now I sigh a deep breath
And picture you in my mind
Instructing me to smile
Holding my hand

Fluent in Love is from the book Death & Passion

Tags: Poems