Three Women Gather

Three women gather
To track their North Stars
Three women gather
To see how far
Brilliant nets can be
Cast into the sea

Three women gather
As the sun begins to fade
Enter into a room
That feels like old pewter
Painted like a pumpkin-colored cape

Three women gather
To measure their fate
To collectively open the gate
To things that matter
A poem, a painting, collage
A political problem
A wrinkle or a love

Three women gather
To lift the other
Up into the heavens
Of their capacity
In the dawn of the night
Sharing fright
With the delicacy of a dragonfly

Three women gather
To gaze into reflections
Mirrored in each others’ eyes
To solidify the journey
Toward a single star
In the waning skylight
Of this particular day

Three Women Gather is from the book LEAVES

Tags: Poems